At the end of the morning of day 1,
Friday 8 April 2012

By the end of the morning you should among others have identified in your reporting form:

  • 1The AEFI investigation report date,
  • 2The name and gender of the affected child,
  • 3The name of vaccinating/reporting staff and contact details of the vaccination site,
  • 4Health facility (or vaccination centre) name,
  • 5The vaccine’s and diluents name,
  • 6The date of vaccination,
  • 7The date at which the event was reported.

You should also have some idea of the nature of the AEFI, although this will require further investigation. To help confirm the symptoms, you contact Mrs Chidawayo to arrange for her child to come for an appointment at Karoom Hospital.

If you do not have all of these details, or have missed out on some key information, return to find what you need.

If you have obtained all the information you need, click on the Next button to proceed.