Brighton Collaboration – setting standards in vaccine safety

The Brighton Collaboration is an international volun­ta­ry collaboration of scientific experts, launched in 2000. It facilitates the development, evaluation and dissemination of high-quality information about the safety of human vaccines.

The main objectives of the collaboration are.40

  • to raise global awareness of the availability of standardized case definitions and guidelines for data collection, analysis and presentation, as well as to educate about the benefit of vaccines, and monitor their global use;
  • to develop single standardized case definitions for specific AEFIs;
  • to prepare guidelines for data collection, analysis and presentation for global use;
  • to develop and implement study protocols for evaluation of case definitions and guidelines in clinical trials and surveillance systems.

Key point

The Brighton Collaboration provides globally accepted, standard case definitions for assessing AEFIs so that safety data across trials and surveillance systems can be compared.