Serious AEFI: Day 3

UK National Institute for Biological Standards and Control

  • Collected vaccine samples for detailed testing. The (eventual) results showed that the vaccine conformed fully to its specifications and it had not been contaminated in any way.

National health department (UK DH)

  • Informed school services to continue immunizing with HPV vaccine,
  • Offered government spokespeople for interviews with the media, but the media was no longer interested.

Second story emerges...

  • Legal firm alerted the press that it was representing the families of 10 English girls who, they claim, had been adversely affected by HPV vaccination.
  • These alerts become the basis for two features, one in the Daily Mail, the other in Sunday Times.


  • Most morning newspapers did not reflect preliminary post-mortem results,
  • Preliminary post-mortem results were announced during the day,
  • Story begins to die out in the mainstream press.