Guidance for the case study

In this case study you take the role of an im­mu­ni­zation programme manager in the city of Karoom in the Republic of Reganda. You are in charge of a programme delivering a measles vaccine to all children under school age (9 months to 59 months) in Karoom.

The programme has been instituted in response to an outbreak of measles in the north of the country. The outbreak started in January 2012 and the programme that you are delivering is planned as a non-selective mass vaccination in the most vulnerable group of children. Most children in Reganda have received a measles vaccination at approximately 9 months of age. The current immunization campaign is intended to enhance immunity for children who have been immunized and to provide some protection for children who have not been immunized previously.

As immunization programme manager, one of your responsibilities is to follow up to reported adverse events by gathering information and passing on the information to the Regional Health Officers and the National Immunization programme where appropriate.

At the start of the campaign you receive a report of a possible adverse event following immunization (AEFI) from a clinic in the Chandra district of the city. Your task is to gather information and prepare a report on the AEFI for your regional health officer. The reporting system for AEFIs in Reganda is shown in the diagram.

AEFI reporting system: Republic of Reganda

The gathering of information progresses over 2 days. You will receive new information at three points in time. Based on this information you will choose the most necessary actions from a number of options.

At the end of each day, you will have the opportunity to review your progress, and if necessary, rerun the day to find any missing information. Sometimes, you will be able to collect the information later. When collecting information following an AEFI, always keep in mind that it is essential to gather information as quickly as possible, before evidence is destroyed.

Action point

Note down the information you deem most relevant for reporting as you proceed.