Case definitions support reporting of standardized diagnoses, which provides investigators with data that is comparable. Which of the following statements has or have not been reported in line with the examples of standard case definitions of the Brighton collaboration provided and may therefore lead to misinterpretation of data? Select one or more:

A. "Child developed high fever" (temperature measured was 41 degrees Celsius).
B. "The child suffered from afebrile seizures" (body temperature was normal).
C. "A severe local reaction occurred at the injection site" (the occurred swelling extended beyond the nearest joint and lasted for 3 days).
D. "Patient developed symptoms of encephalopathy due to vaccination with DTP given 4 weeks before occurrence of symptoms".


Answers B and C are correct.

  • Answer A: According to the Brighton Case definition, fever higher than 40.5 degrees Celsius is "extreme".
  • Answer D: Due to the DTP vaccination, encephalopathy symptoms should occur within 48 hours of vaccination.