Getting Started


The modules introduce you to vaccine safety issues and provide you with the technical information required to look at the case studies and take the assessments.

Each module will take you about 1 ½ hours to complete, but you may find that it takes you a little more or a little less time than this. You can study this course at your own pace, pausing your learning at any point.

You will optimally benefit from the course by following the training path illustrated below.

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Case study A Module 4 Module 5 Case study B Module 6 Case study C Assessment 1 Assessment 2 Assessment 3 Assessment 4 Assessment 5 Assessment 6 General Assessment

Case studies

Three case studies complement the modules, enabling you to apply your learning to a practical situation.

  • In case study A you will look into the reporting of an adverse event,
  • In case study B you will assess several reported adverse events and take appropriate action at national level,
  • In case study C you will analyse a vaccine safety communicaton crisis.


To ensure an interactive learning experience, you have the opportunity to take:

  • Training questions within the module,
  • Assessments testing your knowledge at the end of each module,
  • A general assessment testing your understanding at the end of the whole course.

Should you pass the general assessment, you will be provided with a downloadable certificate confirming your successful participation in the exam.

Supplementary tools

Supplementary tools include:

  • Search functionality,
  • Glossary of key terms,
  • Navigation tools orient enabling you to quickly access information,
  • Additional sources of information on the web.