Global Vaccine Safety Initiative

Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint

Hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines are used every year in developing countries. However, assessments of NRAs conducted by WHO demonstrate that few of these countries' programmes have the ability to monitor and assure the safe use of vaccines.

By studying the current performance of vaccine pharmacovigilance systems in low- and middle-income countries, and of existing inter-country and global support mechanisms, WHO has developed a Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint Strategy in an inclusive drafting process.

Key point

Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint is a strategic framework aiming at the establishment of effective vaccine pharmacovigilance systems in all countries.

It defines indicators of a minimal capacity for ensuring vaccine safety and proposes a strategic plan for enhancing global vaccine safety activities by combining the efforts of major pharmacovigilance stakeholders.

To implement the Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint strategy, a Global Vaccine Safety Initiative project has been initiated.

Global Vaccine Safety Initiative

The Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint has three main goals:

The 3 main goals run through 8 Strategic Objectives which relate directly to vaccine systems, or are supporting elements to the effectiveness of vaccine safety systems:

8 Blueprint objectives