This case study will help you consolidate what you have learned in modules 1 to 3 and introduces you to aspects covered in modules 4 to 6. It focuses on a fictional adverse event that has occurred in a country named Reganda. The main goal of this exercise is to introduce you to an information gathering process following a reported AEFI. You are introduced to different players involved in the reporting or investigation of an adverse events.

Your role is to follow up on an event reported by a health center over two days. In the course of the case study you should document the information gathered from your interaction with various stakeholders.

You will find it helpful to have a pen and paper to take notes as you collect information. You can also download and print the pre-investigation reporting sheet on the right to structure your entries.


Please note that this pre investigation reporting sheet has been specifically drafted for this case study and primarily serves you to visualize the information collected in a structured way. It is simplified and does not reflect a standard form recommended by WHO for use in countries!