You have now completed the learning for this module. These are the main points that you have learned.

  • The characteristics of the five types of AEFI are Vaccine product-related reaction, Vaccine quality defect-related reaction, Immunization error-related reaction, Immunization anxiety-related reaction, Coincidental event.
  • The causes of the five types of AEFI and the practices that can minimize their occurrence.
  • Mass vaccination campaigns can lead to an increase in immunization errors, for example, because of staff inexperience in vaccinating a wider age group, and to the spread of unfounded rumours that may damage the campaign.
  • The importance of comparing background rates of adverse events with rates of vaccine-attributable reactions and taking account of factors that may confound the results of an AEFI investigation.

Following this, please go on to Case Study A,
following which you will be directed to Module 4.

Case study A: Collecting effective information