You have now completed the learning for this module. These are the main points that you have learned.

  • The main functions and services that are present for vaccine safety, including national and international bodies, and manufacturers.
  • The relevant areas that the NRA and NIP in your own country are responsible for, and (if applicable) the areas of collaboration between them.
  • The main actors providing support on vaccine safety to countries at global level, as well as their areas support:
    1. Global capacity building and harmonized tools,
    2. Global analysis and response,
    3. Global signal evaluation and detection,
    4. Product monitoring.
  • The Global Vaccine Safety Blueprint as the main strategic framework aiming at the establishment of effective vaccine pharmacovigilance systems in all countries.

Following this, please go on to Case Study B,
following which you will be directed to Module 6.

Case study B: Using information effectively